In these difficult times we stepped up and decided to help our shops to get more sales even when they’re closed for Lockdown. We hereby decided to forward them all the online orders coming from their own regions. We asked our online customer to join us in this project by letting us sorting their order and forward it to the closest shop to the customer area. We, along with our shop, will make sure the order will be delivered in the same amount of time we would manage the order at our own Warehouse. Moreover, every order will come with a free Icon facemask. In case of missing size or model at the closest local shop, we’ll ship from the warehouse and only billing and payment will be arranged by our local store, so they will get sales and the client will have a local reference for future orders, tuning and general shred needs. The “client” should check the dealer list first and if there’s a shop in their region, he/she should select bank transfer or Payment on delivery methods. Within 2 hours from the purchase, he/she will receive an email from us with all the details of the purchase: who will manage the sale, how to pay and all the shipping details. If you need further information about ho we handle the sales during the program, just send us an email to and we’ll be more than stoked to help you out. You can use the messenger window in homepage too, we’re usually really quick with answers. Support your local Canary Store! #youarethecanarycartel