The bold statement above is the most used and abused in the industry.
Very often it doesn’t match with reality, because the pro rider normally demands very technical gear that hardly meets the needs of amateur riders.
Canary boards are designed by our team riders together with the factory staff.
Our goal was to reach the perfect balance between performance and confidence: it wasn’t an easy task, but we did it.
All of our five models share the same mellow approach: as you strap in one of our boards, you immediately feel at home.
That said, we also wanted to design a collection of boards that meets the necessities of the largest spectrum possible of all mountain and freestyle riders.


The Feel-O-Meter is the most intuitive and complete tool to describe boards.
All the values go from 0 to 10 with 0,5 steps. The flex rate is split in two – longitudinal and torsional – so it’s easier to see how the board really works and bends.
The terrain section helps to check if it really fits your needs.
Finally, the pop rate is split in three different zones: nose, waist and tail.
This is because Canary boards come with a zonal flex, a quite exclusive feature aimed to improve your riding experience.


The Camber is one of the most important features in a snowboard, along with the wood core composition and the base material.
The bend radically discriminates the way the board rides, pops and turns.
We come from a long experience of snowboard design and we love to keep it simple.
So we went for four different bends to satisfy all the skills and styles.


If you’re looking for an intuitive and forgiving ride, the Flat Camber is your choice.
It holds the edge easily in every situation, so not even the newbie will not struggle while learning to turn. Moreover, it’s softer so you’ll be
able to hold presses longer and better.


You want some more pop but you’re still looking for a smooth and flexible stick to have fun everywhere? And maybe you’d love a shape to avoid hard times on sketchy landings? Then Cam Roller is the choice.
Positive Camber in the middle, early risen tips after the binding pattern.


Step up your edge control with the Clutch. Designed pretty much like a Camroller, the Clutch features flat areas after the binding pattern instead of rockered tips, so you have a precise edge hold coupled with a smooth and fun ride, perfect for advanced park riding or fast slope cruising.

Full Camber

If you’re looking for the ultimate performance, classic camber is the best.
It supplies the maximum amount of pop and board control. Canary Camber features a classic 8 mm bridge.


Canary Cartel cores are made with the finest selection of woods available on the market.
We know how to build solid and quality boards and we also love to keep it simple: no rocket science here. Our two woodcores meet every rider’s needs.

The BSPP Lightcore, featured in the Lowrider, Epitaph and Tiki Hut, is the best compromise between light weight, lively pop and durability.
Two planks each of beech and spruce run parallel around the middle of the core, while four planks of pauwlonia sit in the center, just next to the binding patter width.
The rest is made with poplar to keep the overall weight low.
The BPBA Powercore is the ultimate solution when reactivity and strenght are the main requirements.
Four planks of birch are positioned around the middle and next to the edges, with ash running next to it; the rest is bamboo and pauwlonia.
The BPBA comes with the two high end models Dogo and Moloch.


Four DBlock inserts made of carbon and kevlar stiffen the BSPP core tips, resulting in a soft board with lively nose and tail, for a forgiving yet poppy ride.


A single Slingrod insert made with a set of carbon stripes runs through the whole lenght of the core, sitting in the middle and consequently reducing the chattering and improving pop.

Tiki Hut

The Hopper crosses lying just after the binding patterns heavily improve the pop on the tips, and avoid cracks caused by off axis landings.


The Hopper crosses – made with a balanced mix of carbon and kevlar – applied to the BPBA core, result in a killer mixture of strenght and pop, for skilled riders looking for a snappy ride.


BPBA Powercore is reinforced through the whole lenght with a single Slingrod Carbon insert, while the Hopper Crosses avoid cracks in the binding area and add further ollie power for a killer ride.


Canary Cartel boards feature three different types of bases.
Lowrider and Epitaph share the same Die Cut sole made in Shield 4800, which is a high quality extruded base material, easy to fix and almost maintenance free.
Glide 6000 is the Sintered base of choice for Tiki Hut and Dogo, with a serigraphic print: clean colors and fast glide.
Finally the Moloch is equipped with a very fast sintered Glide 7200 base with a serigraphic print.


All the Canary boards but the Moloch feature a quality stainless steel liftie edge with a 1° beveling, which is enough to hold easily the edge while turning, yet avoiding the annoying catches on boxes and rails.
The Moloch was designed with huge kickers, icy groomers and halfpipe walls in mind, so we went for a zero degree angle bevel, ensuring a perfect edge hold.
Sidewalls of Canary Boards are all made with trusted and rock solid ABS and feature VDS rubber dampening system to reduce chattering on icy conditions.