#ThatNewThing the first Canary team movie is finally out. We partnered up with Method for the exclusive drop, so head over to Method Mag and enjoy those 6 minutes of the Cartel in action. Mad props to all the people that made it happen.

First of all the team @simonhoulind @oldirtykirschi @ras_jahlife @oskarfri and @p_j_a_h , then @staybasket for putting it together (again shutouts to @simonhoulind and @ras_jahlife) Big ups to the filmers that helped us along the process @nicipedia @fykse_ @eb__media @jacco_bos_ and the photographers that followed the team during the shootings @kristinludwigphotography @jaketerryphoto @theo.acworth  

Finally thanks to all our distributors, dealers, friends and all of you supporting the Cartel in any way.  #youarethecanarycartel

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