We just got an sick interview on Pyramidmagazine.com with Kirschi talking about our early days and our fam.

It’s always great to see Snowboarders start their own companies and Canary Cartel are doing things the right way. The brand was formed by a close knit of friends who are known for their passion of snowboarding and the end result is a rider-driven brand that has been created from love, hours of testing in the park and without question a few beers as well. Setting up a company is no easy task but after speaking to the Canary Cartel founders it’s obvious that they are close friends with a drive to make a difference in this industry. They have started out in the business strongly and it’s exciting to see the company develop. Here is their story.

Canary Cartel is an interesting name, where does this name come from?
When we decided to start the brand, we thought about a name that would match our vision quite a lot. We wanted something that no one would expect…

Read the full feature on Pyramidmagazine.com.

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